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Poll #441907 Anime/Manga

Got any good manga/anime suggestion(s)?

Leave me a comment!!
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Ahhh you don't mind if I join your friends list, do you? I see your icons all over and I completely adore them but I can't see them anymore cause your journal is friends only ;-; Yeah I probably sound really stupid but I do think you're one of the best icon creators I've ever seen, and I love your Air and Bleach ones ^^
aww thank you very much!!! =] no one is stupid in my books. (I say that to every one of my students) And neh i dont think i'm one of the best! average maybe XP

and you want to friend my lj or icon journal?

my icon journal pixelette is a bit of mess right now! @-@ trying to cut down my bucket size and all. However, you can "watch" it so you wont miss my crazy icons!! XD
Hehe in no way average, definitely one of the best I've seen and I love icons >D

Ah, both, either? Whatever you like? You seem like a really nice person too so if you'd be interested I would like to friend your original journal too ^^ I'm not very interesting either so don't worry >D
hee thank you :] and ok just friended yours :)
Friended you due to you generally seeming cool and being great at graphics and having a few mutual friends. Add me? :D
aww sorry took so long to reply!!:) Friended back!!
could I join your friend's list please? I saw your icons on some other people's LJs and was really impressed! I lack the skills that you possess. ^_^
oh wow didn't see your comment!

my flist... my lj or bleach icons?!

for my icons, dont think membership is required, i know iknow ... i will put them up again asap!!! XP lol and new ishida ones coming soon too!!! w00t!
not here for any purpose... but! oO;;

i just wanted to say... ur lj is kick ass... and stalk found it through the 100 icon contest comm. ^^v

now leaving before i seem odder than i am. ...or should i stay till it's as odd as me? j/k
heee thank you XD

and you dont sound odd!!! very cool indeed ;)
can i add you? ;o; omg i love your lj layout <3 bleach!!
wow i didn't see your comment until now!!

thank you!! =]

just to warn you i dont comment much XD
I saw where skycons posted some of your icons here, and holy cow am I uber-impressed. If it's okay with you I'd like to add your LJ and your icon journal to my friends list. ^_^
thank you!

however my lj isn't as interesting as everyone imagined. dont let icons and layouts fool ya XDDD

dont update and comment much!! a very boring teacher indeed!!! XDD